Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, on 27th May 2010 inaugurated Buddha Smriti Park here and planted two saplings one brought from Bodh Gaya and the other from Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka of the sacred Bodhi tree.

Relics of the Buddhist era brought from Sri Lanka, Japan, Thailand, Myanmar and South Korea were installed in the Park built by Government of Bihar to commemorate the 2550th anniversary of ‘Mahanirvana’ (Salvation) of Lord Buddha.

Accompanied by Governor Devanand Kunwar, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi, the Tibetan spiritual leader lit a lamp and took part in a religious ceremony before formally inaugurating a state-of-the-art Buddhist religious structure.

The Dalai Lama led the procession of monks to the top of the Stupa where he enshrined the holy relics brought by him and also by the monks from Thailand, Myanmar, Japan, South Korea and Sri Lanka in a glass case, where a tiny golden statue of the sitting Buddha was kept on a pedestal. The Tibetan spiritual head named the Stupa Patliputra Karuna Stupa as requested by Nitish Kumar.

“I hope this park will become a source of inspiration for everybody, following any religion or atheist, to develop compassion and love,” said the Dalai Lama.