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Top 5 May Flower Bouquets–Spring Flowers For All Occasions – Flowers Blog

If you’ve got a special occasion coming up, be it a birthday, a baby shower or even an anniversary–possibly even a wedding or wedding showerthen you’ll want to provide a special flowers present. It should be one that stands out of other floral structures and under ideal circumstances exerts seasonal flowers. Fortunately, several spring flowers are available for you to choose from. Listed below are the top 5 favorite flower wineries in May, perfect for any occasion:

Calla Lilies

Their one petal is like an elongated cup, rounded and in the shape of a soul, or also slightly reminiscent of an out-turned and upwards facing hands. These flowers are elegant and pretty, appropriate and perceptible in all the correct ways; it is not any stretch of the imagination to see why we’re in love with calla lilies this spring.

Sanctity, ever-lasting faith and pure intentions are the connotations and significance of the calla lily. Blossoming in spring, they are suggestive of youth and birth. With all these flower meanings in mind, calla lilies create both beautiful contemporary wedding flower structures, tall and striking, or a very simple vase arrangement that may be a warm, pleasant baby shower present.


‘Gorgeous, joyous blossoms’ is an apt description for this most cherished and darling of flowers. Before opening upward, peony bulbs are all large and beautiful, including scoops of ice cream.

Indeed, peonies are a sweet treat and brides love them. Publish peonies with bright green foliage, in colors plum, cherry, lavender, cream and white.


Camellias are sweet blossoms that thrive in the shade, increasing on large shrubs or smallish trees amid heavy green foliage. The camellias’ sheer, soft petals form a maze, folding in on itself several times, and seem like little pom-poms made from gift wrap paper. In full bloom, such as a fractal, or even a bit of blossom, they’re a sight to behold.

Pink, white and red types of camellias make amazing fishbowl flower structures, or come in easy square glass vases.


Hyacinths are bulbs that sprout upward, developing in vertical stripes, almost like a sage brush. Their five-pointed petals flare out, in tiny explosions, or just like many mini starfish. In fact, the vivid colors of hyacinths are like the many shades and at times bright silvery colors of some coral reef: magentapurple, pink, purple, white and blue.

Hyacinths are a sweet flowers gift for your spouse. In Ancient Greek mythology, the Greek god Apollo is believed to have increased the initial hyacinths in the bloodstream of Hyakinthos, so these flowers symbolise sincerity and faithfulness.


Feathery clusters of small petals bunched together in around globes of texture and colour, hydrangeas are a favorite selection for wedding flowers and as flowers for events. Suggestive of movies, pom-poms, and joyous with their very nature, what additional blossom could be better for celebrations?    
Hydrangeas range from pink to blue, with light and lavender pink pastel tones in between. Give hydrangea flowers on birthdays, baby showers, and use them to decorate outside places, for backyard parties and other day receptions.

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