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The Most Beautiful Gardens Parks and Nature at Prague

The Most Wonderful Parks, Gardens and Nature in Prague

If you are plannig to remain in Prague in spring, then then you can escape from the crowds and see one of the beautiful gardens and parks of Prague.   Whether you choose the ones or outside Prague, you can make sure that your morning, Christmas or stroll run will be relaxing and memorable. Let us take a look at Prague’s nature!

1. Vrtba Garden

Vrtba Garden is a Italian type Gothic masterpiece located on an incline of this Petřín Hill. You can go into the garden through the Vrtba Palace in Karmelitská road. The garden is divided vertically into three separate terraces and provides views of Prague Castle. The sculpture and statue decorations made by Bernard Braun can be admired by visitors. Treat yourself with a stroll and revel in the architecture and greenery.

2.  Beautiful Garden

This garden is a real paradise in the Center of Prague. Situated just few steps from the Wenceslas Square it is an excellent spot to drink your coffee or eat a little snack. You could also use a great little children’s playground in case you travel with kids. You’ll have a beautiful views of the Church of Our Lady of the Snows.

3. Palace Gardens of Prague Castle

It is a complex of several magnificent gardens situated under Prague Castle. The gardens are accessible from the Na Valech garden and by the Valdštejnská road. The final reconstruction in 2012 restored their appearance by 1920’s when they were renovated by the renowned Slovenian architekt Josip Plečnik for the first Czechoslovak president Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk. You can go to the Garden on the Ramparts the Paradise Garden and also even the Hartig Garden – you will love them all!

4. Stromovka Park

Stromovka (formerly referred to as the Royal Game Reserve)    isn’t just a Mecca for both Prague runners but also a location where you could locate your spot and just relax, all day in the event you want. It is located in Bubeneč district and joins Prague’s civic districts 7 and 6. Stromovka is perfect for picnics, long walks or other and rollerskating sports. In spring you may even see renowned St. Matthew’s Fair that takes place on the website of the Prague Exhibition Grounds, only near the Stromovka. We highly recommend to go to its shows that are appealing and the Prague Planetarium.

5. Průhonice Park

This impressive park founded in the year 1885 is for its uniqueness a section of UNESCO World Heritage. It is Czech National Historic Landmark. Průhonice park is situated next to Průhonice village, not far from Prague.   The park is a mix of ponds, lakes, meadows, woody plants and flows. Do not miss the garden! We urge to devote in a park since it is large. You take a food with you and enjoy your lunch or may have a meal in a restaurant beside the castle.

6. Big America Quarry

in case you don’t mind to go a little further from Prague, you shouldn’t overlook the Big America Quarry, especially in the event that you go to the Karlštejn Castle – you may take an extremely great walk in the castle to the quarry that takes about 1 hour. The location can also be called the Grand Canyon and even though it isn’t as big as the Grand Canyon, it’s a location. The quarry is  approximately 750 meters long and 70 metres deep.

7. Petřín Park

A location with amazing views of the Old Town and Lesser Town. And you do not have to climb the tower! Especially it’s one of the most romantic places in Prague, although the park is well worth a trip in each season. The Petrin Tower, inspired by the Eiffel Tower, has been constructed 1891 and it’s 65 metres tall. You could even visit with a mirror maze that’s located next.