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If this is your first time to hear about a mini safe, you should know that it is basically a wallet – a regular-sized wallet – that can fit in your pockets but has all the features of a regular safe. We are talking about wallets that have a combination lock that only you would set and remember. We are also talking about wallets that have a RFID protection as well as GPS tracking.

To those who do not know, RFID protection protects your cards from skimming and identity theft. It also prevents them from being demagnetized. As for GPS tracking, you already know what it is. The combination of all three features – combination lock, RFID protection, and GPS tracking – makes this wallet the safest in the world.

Out on the market today, you will find wallets that have a combination lock as well as RFID protection and GPS tracking. If you think these mini safe wallets are revolutionary, we think that they are a long time coming. And the idea of downsizing a protected cabinet down to the size of wallet is a product of common sense.

Really, when you come to think about it, your wallet should be the safest part of your possession. Unfortunately, most wallets sold in the market are all leather and no lock. Not so with this revolutionary product, we are talking about. As of the moment, though, this product is still at that stage where the company making it is still raising funds for its mass production. To get more information about mini safe see here.

We are not sure if the company has reached its capital goals yet, however, we are sure that it will only be a matter of time before the product will be launched in the market. With all the scams being perpetuated today, its time has come.