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The World’s Biggest Flower Garden Sits in the Center

Courtesy of Dubai Miracle Garden

In Full Bloom

The Dubai Miracle Garden is located in Al Barsha South and has been a garden that is situated in the midst of a desert.

Courtesy of Dubai Miracle Garden

A Floral Paradise

The garden is now a place that is popular now for capturing wedding photographs that are unforgettable and for nature lovers.

Getty Images/Mitesh_kothari

Marching Through

Massive archways in the shape invite guests in the park.

Visitors will feel like they’re walking through a art exhibit that is immersive as they explore the complicated and unique displays that make up the garden. Designs change every year.

Courtesy of Dubai Miracle Garden

Blossoming Bouquets

It required 60 times and 400 individuals to make the garden, where more than 60 different types of flowers, for example those such as geraniums and petunias that are uncommon to the Middle East, flourish.

Getty Images/Hany Mahmoud

Playful Designs

Walk the grounds of the park and you will see flowering designs that range from pyramids and celebrities to igloos, center, and peacocks doused in blossoms.

Getty Images/Raquel Maria Carbonell Pagola

Petal to the Metal

It is also not uncommon to locate a number of classic and brand new cars decked out in arrangements. Designs have contained Ferarris outfiited with their own drivers, all of course.

Getty Images/Iain Masterton

Flower Street

You’ll even see clusters of homes that make up what seems like an entire neighborhood blanketed at a collection of buds. Props parrots, flamingos, and help make the scene all the more whimsical, together with cars.

Courtesy of Dubai Miracle Garden

The Largest One of All

Dubai Miracle Garden is also where you will discover the blossom arrange in the planet, a replica of a Emirates Airbus A380 that stays coated in crops and more than 500,000 fresh blossoms.

The full-size aircraft arrangement has some five thousand blossoms, when all of its blossoms are in blossom.

Courtesy of Dubai Miracle Garden

Imagination SoarsĀ 

Layouts designs are observed from giant pots that are spilling out countless blossoms to gallop and a replica of this Burj Khalifa that all give a kaleidoscope of shades as a result of the many plants that adorn them.

Courtesy of Dubai Miracle Garden

Walkways of Magic

There are even flower beds that make a archway for you to gaze up at when you’re in need of shade or some rest.

Courtesy of Dubai Miracle Garden

Life at Desert

To assist the flowers grow, the garden set up an irrigation system that re-uses waste water via drip irrigation, using materials like capillary mats along with polymers to keep and distribute the water, Abdel Nasser Y. Rahhal of Akar Landscaping Services and Agriculture told NBC.

“People get tired of areas, shut places…I hope people will understand that this country isn’t only for extremes in steel and concrete,” Rahhal explained. “This country is given amazing weather for seven months… with just a little attention, you can find a really amazing production.”

Courtesy of Dubai Tourism

A Calm Oasis

The outside area offers a relaxing retreat. Over 1.5 million people visit each year.

Courtesy of Dubai Miracle Garden

Coming Back To the Year

Dubai Miracle Garden operates on a seasonal basis, and may once more open its doors to people of the year on November 1 through May 31, 2018.