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The world’s biggest flower garden is at a really unexpected place :: WRAL.com

In the event you had to take a guess you’d probably assume that it was somewhere known as a farming area that is lush. California, possibly, with its systems? Or Hawaii, with its own own rich soil and blossoms that are gigantic? A country known for its endless fields of tulips, perhaps somewhere in the Netherlands?

All good guesses, to be sure, but incorrect. The world’s largest flower garden is situated somewhere you’d probably never imagine: in the middle of a city in the middle of a desert in the Middle East. Dubai, to be precise.

The Dubai Miracle Garden, situated in Al Barsha South, is a sight to behold. Crossing 18 acres and comprising more than 45 million flowers, the garden showcases stunning floral sculptures and layouts which change each year. Last year included villages constructed of a replica of the Airbus A380 covered in 50,000 flowers , blooming walkways with rainbow canopies along with flowers.

Dubai Miracle Garden

As you may imagine, building a record-breaking flower garden at the desert is no easy feat. It requires 400 people almost two months to set the appeal up, comprising 30 different types including marigolds, geraniums and petunias. As it simply gets too hot to maintain blossoms, the Miracle Garden closes for 3 months from this calendar year. But when the garden is open, it depends upon green irrigation systems to stay surprisingly eco friendly.

The weather burst provides time to the Miracle Garden staff to think of a strategy for the next year layouts. It may appear hopeless to shirt a jet, however rest assured the attractions of year will be as wondrous.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Abdel Nasser Y. Rahhal, general manager of Akar Landscaping Services and Agriculture, told NBC that he hopes the garden will make people rethink some of their preconceived notions about Dubai as a city of skyscrapers. “I hope people will understand that this country isn’t just for extremes in steel and concrete,” he said. “This country is given beautiful weather for seven months…with just a little attention, you can find a really beautiful creation.”

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