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The Weekly Flower Subscription Box You Need From Freddie’s Flowers*

Now fresh flowers always brighten up a home, they are beautiful aren’t they? We all forget to get flowers it’s one of these items, we get home, we want to brighten up a room and we forget that the flowers. The Flowers of well Freddie are here to make you it! They’re an annual subscription box where you get a fresh box of flowers delivered each week for #22. I always prefer to have some sort of flowers someone within the home or the room because they make you feel a lot happier, and when you’re able to smell them it is ideal!

So this brand has been launched by Freddie with a milk float, some cardboard boxes plus a heap of flowers, and since that time it has flourished into an extraordinary brand that produces high quality and gorgeous weekly flowers right to your door!

So when the flowers were delivered, I was surprised, they had been packed with such love and care and around a few of their most delicate of flowers had protection from harmful in transit to stop them, but they were fantastic! I opened up the box which was absolutely huge, and honestly the odor of flowers is like no other, its amazing!

These flowers are free for you to arrange in your own way, there’s no wrong or right means and the flowers are lovely.

One thing I have been surprised by, was the simple fact that the flowers really last. Now I’ve had these flowers for over a week, and they are still in blossom, they are still going strong, and they are showing any symptoms of dying away, or not ruined.

Something else which has certainly made me fall in love with this subscription box is still that the simple fact that if you typically purchase flowers you get all the filler of foliage, then you get like a few of the roses or the lilies or some thing and then the remainder is foliage and it is about #10. Not it is all about the main centers that are the roses and the blossoms with just the addition of foliage which adds to the perfect accent to the bouquet.

It certainly made me feel as though I had been a genius, or maybe not much if you’re not even a flower arranging whiz there are some tips which are included in the box but I’d feel pretty damn fab.

In terms of cost, #22 might seem like a good deal but you’re receiving value for money, your flowers will continue, they will be sent directly to your door and the flowers will turn up healthy, no harm and looking totally amazing! They still make it so simple for you making me ridiculously happy, like you couldn’t commit to once a week you always have the option to cancel if you don’t feel!

They’re also ideal in case you have any parties you could have coming or you need to share the love with the people you love more than anything else. The price you pay is for the quality of the blossoms you receive such an wonderful support from the complete Freddie’s team and that they continue.

You can begin your own blossom dreams over at Freddie’s Flowers site!

Do you enjoy a subscription box of flowers? Will it be attempting? Allow me to know in the comments!

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DecisionDisclaimer — This article was in collaboration with the Flowers of Freddie, however all thoughts are my own.

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