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Monorail snafu leaves guests at Gilroy Gardens theme park stranded

Monorail snafu leaves once the park’s Sky Course monorail abruptly ceased, stranding them 35 feet above floor guests in Gilroy Gardens theme park evaporating at least nine people obtained an unexpected thrill Tuesday day, officials said. Bill Hutchinson is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. Read More

Blackberry Lily from the Flower Garden

It’s a Blackberry Lily. The member of the Iris family is native to Asia but is widely cultivated around the planet, and it is a nice addition to most any flower garden. The tiny orange spotted blooms of blackberry lily add a splash of colour. Read More

Mumbai: Colaba Backyard to Receive tetra ‘park’ benches

Three decades and thousands of empty tetrapak cartons afterwards, the Bombay Port Trust’s (BPT) Sagar Upvan garden, situated in Colaba, will have four new, eco-friendly benches for its own walkers and joggers from Sunday. City-based non-profit RUR Greenlife created these benches, after a three-year effort. One of the collection centers for the tetrapaks Taking theories […]