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On Alcatraz, the island erstwhile prison gardens are in full flower

The forlorn island in San Francisco Bay , Alcatraz, is known.   The Birdman. Machine Gun Kelly. Capone.   But on a misty October morning, I boarded an Alcatraz Ferry looking for other brilliant residents of the windswept fortress. “Mrs. Langtry.” “Dorothy Perkins.” “Caroline Jane.”   Sailboats leaned slicing the fog as we pulled off from Pier 33. […]

Charming Cottage Gardens

Cottage gardens possess a classic and charismatic charm that resonates with plant lovers. For many they symbolise memories of a grandparent or a drive through the English countryside. The primary elements in cottage gardens are blossoms and colour. Modern day design is really all about clean lines, with much less is more approach to plants, […]

Garden Q&A: Could I use poinsettias in flower structures?

My planet is full of food at this time, specifically cranberries. They are in every recipe, restaurant and commercial menu. So, aside from being a delivery method to get much more sugar and their vivid seasonal color that offers contrast to gravy on the plate, are there some real benefits to eating cranberries? You are […]